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CIM® OH-1 Tube Monolithic Column (Hydroxyl) (Pores 1.3 um)

CIM® OH-1 mL tube is a cylindrical-shaped monolithic column with a column volume of 1 mL. It is encased in a specially designed housing and is supplied ready to use. CIM® OH-1 mL is intended for initial screening, method development, and purifications at laboratory scale. It enables you to develop robust methods that are easily scalable.The OH (hydroxy) ligand results from hydrolysis of epoxy ligands and posseses no charge (neutral surface). A slight negative charge can be present due to the methacrylate backbone. OH monoliths are very hydrophilic due to the high density of hydroxyl groups. OH is dedicated to some specific applications, such as:

  • HIC purification of proteins, pDNA, and viruses.
  • Steric exclusion chromatography. Recently hydroxy monoliths have proven to be an excellent chromatographic support for this specific technique.

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Catalog number: 310.8140-1.3

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