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CIMac™ AAV full/empty-0.1 Analytical Column (Pores 1.3 µm)

The CIMac™ AAV full/empty-0.1 Analytical Columns are designed for fast and reproducible HPLC monitoring and quantitation of AAV samples. The high resolving capacity allows separation of empty viral capsids, aggregated and damaged particles from genome containing virus vectors. CIMac™ AAV full/empty-01 Analytical Column works with a full range of AAV serotypes and samples ranging from crude harvest all the way to final formulation, therefore doubling as an efficient PAT tool. The monolithic structure and its convective properties allow operation at high volumetric flow rates (from 2 to 20 column volumes/min) to provide information on product quantity and purity within minutes.

CIMac™ AAV full/empty-0.1 Analytical Columns are fast and reliable PAT tools, providing:

> Rapid, high resolution analysis, achieved in minutes,

> Flow independent separation,

> High sensitivity and reproducibility.


Catalog number: 110.8503-1.3

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