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Downstream process developement

PD 1Our experienced team of process engineers develops and optimizes either parts or the entire downstream process of large biomolecules like pDNA, DNA, proteins, pegylated proteins, bacteriophages, viruses, IgM, etc. Depending on your requirements we offer basic or advanced screenings.

1. Basic screening:

Chromatography optimization for target molecule purification on CIMmultus™ columns (1 mL) of different chemistries (QA, DEAE, SO3, C4 and OH).

2. Advanced screening:

Screening of clarification and other downstream processing methods including:

  • Ultrafiltration;
  • Diafiltration;
  • Precipitation;
  • Size exclusion.

Both basic and advanced screenings are accompanied by analytical monitoring of the concentration/titre of target molecules and impurities:

  • Protein (BradfordUltra, BCA, µBCA, SDS-PAGE, WB);
  • DNA/RNA (PicoGreen, RiboGreen, NanoDrop, qPCR);
  • Virus (TCID50, EPD, HA, ELISA, Plaque Assay, qPCR);
  • Endotoxin concentration;
  • Nanoparticle tracking analyses (NTA) and TEM analyses.

We aim to deliver analytical results within 2-5 weeks.

For further information, please contact us at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .