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CIMmultus™ Advanced Composite Columns

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CIMmultus™ is the first true multi-use column. Its innovative, advanced composite housing offers the performance of a stainless steel column for the price of a single-use column.

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Our engineers designed CIMmultus™ with safety in mind. The column's structural integrity and leachable profile match medical grade stainless steel but has the process economics of a single or multi-use device.
With the introduction of composite materials into an epoxy-based housing and the application of USP Class VI Parylene C coating to the entire column surface, CIMmultus™ offers:

  • Safety
  • cGMP Compliance
  • Versatility
  • High Performance
  • Low weight but high strength


Leachables are a concern to all manufacturers. CIMmultus™ addresses this concern by applying Parylene C to the entire surface of the housing. Parylene C is an inert substance with a well-proven safety record as a coating for permanent medical implants.
CIMmultus™ has a layer of carbon fiber embedded in the epoxy thermoset walls well away from the contact surface. This layer gives the column the same structural strength of a stainless steel column ensuring maximum safety.


CIMmultus™ is a versatile separation device. It is economical as a single use device, as a multi-use device (intra-batch or inter-batch use), and above all, it can be used at any step in the separation of complex biomolecules:

  • Capture
  • Impurity removal (intermediate step or final polishing)
  • Separation of complex samples


CIMmultus™ contains an improved CIM® monolithic technology, distinguished by 2 µm flow-through channels. They allow convective mass transfer of large biomolecules, making these columns a perfect choice for the purification of viruses, VLPs, plasmids, antibodies, PEGylated proteins and other big molecules.
CIMmultus™ stands for:

  • Convective mass transfer, reduced backpressure and minimal sample clogging
  • Fast product isolation and concentration of diluted samples
  • Efficient removal of high molecular mass impurities in polishing steps


CIMmultus Advanced Composite Column

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