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Characteristics of LiP Immobilized to CIM Monolithic Supports

H. Podgornik, A. Podgornik

Enzyme and Microbial Technology 31 (2002) 855–861

The possibility of covalent attachment of LiP H2 and LiP H8 to CIM monoliths was studied. Due to negligible diffusional resistance, they can be useful tools to study characteristics of the immobilized lignin peroxidase (LiP). Immobilization to epoxy groups was performed using alkaline conditions (borate-phosphate buffer; pH 7.5). Characteristics of immobilized LiP were compared and factors that influence their biologic activity were evaluated using flow through experiments. Enzyme kinetics was determined via oxidation of veratryl alcohol (VA) into veratraldehyde (Vald). While VA oxidation rate increased by increasing flow rate (up to 1.5 ml/min) for LiP H2, it was almost constant in a wide flow rate range for LiP H8. This observation together with the stepwise deactivation of the enzyme by consecutive experiments was ascribed to accumulation of the formed Vald inside the support. Calculated kinetic parameters showed 3–5 times higher Km value for VA for both tested isoforms in comparison to free enzyme. The catalytic constant was found to be approximately 0.5 s−1 for both isoforms. Immobilized LiP H8 was used for decolorization of azo dye Mahogany.

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