Leaders in monolith chromatography


Purification of genomic DNA by short monolithic columns

D. Forčić, K. Branović-Čakanić, J. Ivančić, R. Jug, M. Barut, A. Štrancar

Journal of Chromatography A 1065 (2005) 115-120

The isolation and purification of nucleic acids is essential for many procedures in molecular biology. After showing that bacterial and eukaryotic genomic DNA can be specifically bound to the CIM DEAE monolithic column, this characteristic was exploited in development of a simple and fast chromatographic procedure for isolation and purification of genomic DNA from cell lysates that does not include the usage of toxic organic solutions. The purity and the quality of the isolate as well as the duration of the procedure was similar to other chromatographic methods used today for isolation of genomic DNA, but the initial sample volume was not restricted.

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