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Miniaturized Monolithic Disks for Immunoadsorption of Cardiac Biomarkers from Serum

N. Delmotte, U. Kobold, T. Meier, A. Gallusser, A. Strancar, C. G. Huber

Anal Bioanal Chem (2007) 389:1065–1074

Immunoadsorbers based on 2.0 × 6.0 mm i.d., epoxy-bearing, methacrylate-based monolithic disks were developed in order to target myoglobin and N-terminal pro-natriuretic peptide (NT-proBNP), two biomarkers involved in cardiovascular disease. In both cases, antibodies were successfully coupled to the polymeric disk material. The developed immunoadsorbers permitted the selective isolation of myoglobin and NT-proBNP from human serum. Myoglobin was successfully isolated and detected from serum samples at concentrations down to 250 fmol μL-1. However, the affinity of the antibodies was not sufficient for the analysis of low-concentration clinical samples. Frontal analysis of anti-NT-proBNP disks revealed the ability of the immunoadsorber to bind up to 250 pmol NT-proBNP, which is more than sufficient for the analysis of clinical samples. Anti-NT-proBNP disks showed good stability over more than 18 months and excellent batch-to-batch reproducibility. Moreover, anti-NT-proBNP disks permitted the isolation of NT-proBNP at concentrations down to 750 amol μL−1 in serum, corresponding to concentrations of strongly diseased patients. Using reversed-phase trapping columns, the detection of NT-proBNP eluted from immunoadsorbers by mass spectrometry was achieved for concentrations down to 7.8 fmol μL-1.

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