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Application of Monoliths for Downstream Processing of Clotting Factor IX

K. Branović, A. Buchacher, M. Barut, A. Štrancar, D. Josić

Journal of Chromatography A, 903 (2000) 21–32

In this paper, the application of monolithic columns for downstream processing of different clotting factor IX concentrates is shown. Determination of basic chromatographic conditions as well as investigations on the regeneration of disk- and tube-shaped monolithic columns using human serum albumin as a model protein, were performed. Separation of factor IX and vitronectin, a possible impurity in commercial factor IX concentrates was accomplished using disk-shaped monolithic columns. These same applications were also carried out with identical results on up-scaled tube-shaped monolithic columns. Since these media allow very fast separations, this method can be successfully applied not only to an in-process control of the purification of factor IX but also to other biopolymers from human plasma. Besides, the same application on the up-scaled tube-shaped monolithic column was successfully carried out.

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