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CIMmultus™ r-Protein L-80 Tube Monolithic Column (Recombinant Protein L) (Pores 1.3 um)

CIMmultus™ stands for:

  • Convective mass transfer, reduced backpressure, and minimal sample clogging
  • Fast product isolation and concentration of diluted samples
  • Efficient removal of high molecular mass impurities in polishing steps

CIMmultus™ r-Protein L-80 mL is an improved monolithic column with 1.3 μm pore size and a column volume of 80mL. It is packed into an innovative epoxy-based housing and is supplied ready to use. CIMmultus™ r-Protein L-80 mL is intended for purifications at preparative and pilot scale. The r-Protein L (recombinant protein L produced in E. coli) is an affinity ligand, used for fast, highly efficient purification of different immunoglobulins. In contrast to the protein A and protein G, the r-protein L binds to the kappa light chain of antibodies and as such it can be specifically used for IgG, IgA, and IgM antibodies containing only kappa chains. Species whose antibodies contain almost exclusively lambda chains (bovine, goat, sheep, and horse) will not bind well to the Protein L.

Catalog number: 611.1021-1.3

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